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PROS / You can connect to this monitoring service using a landline, a cellular connection or an internet connection.

CONS / This company does not sell recessed door sensors or sirens.

VERDICT / Protection 1 is a decent choice if all you want is home security monitoring.

Protection 1 is a nationwide company that offers home security monitoring, equipment and installation services. Protection 1 has several options for monitoring, including wireless monitoring through a cellular line or through a broadband internet connection. For its comprehensive alarm systems and monitoring services, Protection 1 has earned a spot on our list of the best home security monitoring service providers. The company is also one of the less-expensive services to go with, which is always a bonus.

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When it comes to home security monitoring, you want a company that can provide a plan that fits your needs. Protection 1 can be quite flexible, which is one of its best traits. Although the company still offers a landline connection option, like all other home security companies, it has moved on to primarily provide people with cellular monitoring. Essentially, this system utilizes the cell towers around you to communicate with the monitoring station. Protection 1's main home security monitoring station is located in Kansas and is equipped with a backup system to intervene if needed. For long-term problems, the company has an off-site monitoring station that can handle your needs until its main home security monitoring site is back up and running.

  1. This is the basic monthly monitoring fee for a service.
    Lower is Better
  2. 7 Protection 1
    25.95 dollars
  3. 34.99 dollars
  4. 19.99 dollars
  5. 9.95 dollars
  6. Category Average
    29.58 dollars

When your alarm is triggered, a short delay allows you to deactivate the system during normal use or if the alarm is set off accidentally. After that delay, if your system has not been deactivated at the keypad, the monitoring station will receive a trouble signal. The monitoring center first contacts you at the numbers you provide to verify that you need help. If you fail to answer the phone or provide the correct pass code, the center will dispatch emergency services immediately. Protection 1 offers alerts for intrusion, carbon monoxide, smoke or heat, flooding and power failure.

Protection 1 offers a few basic alarm packages that include keypad and control panels, door or window sensors, security cameras, motion sensors, a key fob controller or panic button pendant, and asset-protection devices such as tilt sensors that you place on or near your valuables. These packages are comparable to the basic packages offered by other companies. You can choose to add individual devices to your system as well. Protection 1 does not offer recessed door sensors or sirens.

When it comes to customer support, Protection 1 gives you the option to contact a representative by phone or email, or you can even chat live with someone on the company's website. In this regard, Protection 1 is very accommodating. Its team is knowledgeable and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Protection 1 has an excellent collection of online information. There are many FAQs and tutorials to teach you how to use your system. To obtain any information that is not covered in those FAQs, you will have to contact Protection 1 directly. The warranty option for this home security monitoring company comes covers a timeframe of three years.


Protection 1 offers all the essential home security monitoring options such as cellular connection and interactive access. The company also provides a good variety of all the security equipment a home or business should need. There is excellent support information and the company's idea of taking care of your equipment needs is quite good, which helps this company reach a more competitive level with the leading providers of home security monitoring.

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