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PROS / The company's wide range of equipment brands allows it to reuse existing systems and save you money.

CONS / They don't provide equipment or contracts, authorized dealers do.

VERDICT / This is a decent home security provider, but read the details of your contract since they vary by authorized dealer.

Monitronics is a national alarm company with authorized dealers across the country. Monitronics provides home security monitoring, equipment and installation for homes and businesses. With a variety of security devices comparable to top-rated companies, Monitronics has earned a spot on our list of the best providers of home security monitoring. The company's years of experience contribute to its reputation and are therefore referenced in conjunction to competing companies at times.

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Monitronics offers all of the typical aspects in its home security monitoring service. A 24-hour, 365-days-a-year company like Monitronics can protect you in a variety of ways. Whether you want to use a landline, cellular connection or VoIP, Monitronics has you covered. As is standard now, if you are willing to pay a bit more each month for the service, the company will throw in interactive access and home automation.

  1. This is the basic monthly monitoring fee for a service.
    Lower is Better
  2. 9 Monitronics
    34.95 dollars
  3. 34.99 dollars
  4. 19.99 dollars
  5. 9.95 dollars
  6. Category Average
    29.58 dollars

Interactive monitoring allows you to check the status of your system and even change it while you are away from home. Monitronics does this through, which is a highly used source by several other companies as well. also provides the necessary functionality for home automation systems that give you remote access control over your home's lighting, thermostat and more.

Together, they provide a solid service, in theory. We say in theory because Monitronics operates through authorized dealerships. There are advantages to this, but they mostly benefit Monitronics rather than its customers. The main reason we see this as a negative is because it means that you have to deal with your local authoritative dealers individually. In other words, a Monitronics system purchased in your city might not be as good a deal as one purchased in another city. Since there are varying degrees of contractual obligation, if you decide to use Monitronics as your home security monitoring provider, be sure to read all the details before you sign on the dotted line.

Monitronics breaks its systems down by type for families, single parents and seniors. Each type of system uses a slightly different combination of devices to provide protection from burglary, fire and medical emergencies, as well as home security monitoring. These combinations are merely base layouts though. Once you are pegged into a category, you can customize it to your specific house to accommodate your personal needs. Unfortunately, though, Monitronics surprisingly doesn't offer all the devices found through other companies. This may partially be an issue due to different dealerships having different equipment. Before finalizing your service, be sure that your local dealer has all the devices you want.

Corporate Monitronics only provides customer support by phone. Once you are connected with an authorized local dealer, you will have access to the resources of that dealer's location for equipment training and repair, as well as account services. When we called Monitronics to find out about the availability of a service plan, we were unable to obtain that information without signing up for new service.

The customer service number on the website redirects you to a sales specialist. Additionally, because the company works through local authorized dealers, there is no way to request a service call from the Monitronics website. When you purchase a Monitronics system, you will need to contact your local dealer directly to schedule repairs or get help using your system. Higher-rated companies on our lineup provide more direct access to customer service as well as repair plans.


Monitronics' home security monitoring station is equipped with two backup power sources to assure that your alarm signal is never lost regardless of power outages. Your Monitronics security system can also be configured to transmit signals through several different channels, including the leading cellular system. Because the company works through independent, authorized dealers that set their own prices and policies, the company does not publish rates for monitoring or installation; however, your authorized dealer will be able to provide you with that information over the phone.

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