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PROS / Frontpoint offers a multitude of devices to help you secure your home.

CONS / The equipment is only under warranty for two years.

VERDICT / Frontpoint's versatile approach to home security strives to meet each home's unique needs, making it one of the very best.

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  1. This is the basic monthly monitoring fee for a service.
    Lower is Better
  2. 1 Frontpoint
    34.99 dollars
  3. 19.99 dollars
  4. 9.95 dollars
  5. Category Average
    29.58 dollars

Editor’s note: This information was taken directly from the company’s website. 

About Frontpoint

We realized there was a better way to protect people's homes and families. So we started Frontpoint.

In 2007, the home security industry was behind the times. Alarm companies weren't leveraging the latest technology. Their approach left homes vulnerable. So the Frontpoint founders pooled more than 30 years of industry experience, to give people the kind of alarm company they needed.

Now we're the fastest-growing GE Security dealer. The only GE Security dealer offering 100% wireless service (for no extra charge). Our equipment is the most reliable in the industry and our smart technology offers the greatest range of flexibility and convenience.

Second only to our focus on safety is our insistence on superior service. Our customers are always our priority. As a result, these customers trust us – and they talk about us. On virtually any review site you visit – Yelp, A Secure Life, the BBB – you'll find Frontpoint customers raving about the system and the service. And those customers can tell you more about Frontpoint than we ever could.

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