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Home Security Monitoring Review

Why Buy Home Security Monitoring Services?

When you leave your home, you make sure that the lights are off, the windows are closed and the doors are locked. It's important to you that you return home to find everything in its place. However, burglars may have an eye on your home waiting for the best time to strike, and when they do, they leave you feeling vulnerable and violated. You need a service that watches for break-ins as well as safety hazards and alerts you and emergency responders if a threat is detected.

We review home monitoring services to determine which are most qualified to protect your home and family. The best home security monitoring services we found are Frontpoint, Protect America and LiveWatch. We also have helpful articles on home security monitoring to show you how to keep your home safe.

Home Security Monitoring: What to Look For

When you compare home security systems, look to see if wireless alarm monitoring is available. Wireless security systems don't require a phone line to operate and will keep working even if an intruder cuts your wires. Wireless systems also work on powerful batteries that last for three to five years and will continue to monitor your home during power outages. Here are other important factors we considered in ranking the most effective services.

Monitoring Services
Every home security monitoring service we reviewed provides reliable security systems along with real-time monitoring. Home monitoring services should be available 24 hours a day so there isn't a moment when your home isn't protected. The best home monitoring services provide cellular or internet monitoring and a mobile app that lets you adjust your thermostat, turn lights on or off, and lock your doors with your phone. Though these features usually require an upgrade, some monitoring services include them with their standard security plans.

Home security monitoring services often offer alerts that can notify the authorities of a variety of emergencies. Look for systems that support alerts for intrusion, medical emergencies and personal security. The best services also offer alerts for serious threats to your home, including fire hazards, natural gas leaks, freezing and flooding. As with most home security monitoring companies, you will need to specify which alerts you want in your system so the company can give you an accurate quote for the equipment associated with these alerts.

Equipment & Security Devices
Security devices include door and window sensors, sirens, panic buttons, personal key fobs and other security equipment such as motion detectors, surveillance cameras and sensors that allow your pets to move freely around the house without setting off a false alarm. The more security devices you have installed, the more protected your home will be. While most security systems come with a starter kit, no system offers every type of security device in the initial package, but several, including our top-ranked services, have a large selection that can meet your individual needs. You may need to pay extra for additional security devices.

Help & Support
Being able to connect quickly with your monitoring company is crucial. The best home monitoring companies not only provide easy access to support personnel through email, telephone and live chat, but also respond quickly to threats your system detects on its own. Another important feature to look into is how long the equipment is under warranty and whether you can easily take the system hardware with you if you move. Some companies can monitor through systems that you have purchased and installed yourself, while others require installation professionals to place and activate your system.

Whether you choose to install your own security system or have one professionally installed, the most important aspect of a security system is the service that monitors your home. Our reviews of the top alarm monitoring services will help you choose the best company to keep your family safe and your home protected.

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